Developing iOS apps Top 7 Trends for 2018

Over the years, the development of iOS apps has changed dramatically. To see the latest trends in this field is very exciting. I have seen some of the most important updates and many features brought to iOS 11. Big updates like this, Apple brings iOS trends, of course, would be more appropriate.

Let’s say next year, iOS application development trends review in the upcoming 2018 and beyond.

1. In the month of September 2017, 11 revealed a list of some of the best features of iOS. Much of a difference one of the most important update was the augmented reality apps.

Amazon announced Apple’s application platform supported by ARKit numeric. This particular platform, virtual reality and augmented reality in conjunction with other 3D applications to create iPhone and iPad application is compatible with Apple’s framework, which enables developers to ARKit. Big brands already started to invest ARKit frame to support development on various platforms. Therefore, the iPhone and iPad users much more in the future for AR / VR applications expect to see.

2. ML machine learning framework known as the apple Core brought her. Currently, Apple, Siri, camera, and various products, as this machine learning framework uses a faster type. iOS iPhone developers to make easily in your applications feature-rich the kernel you can use the ML. To do this, you may need to add some code lines of framework code in the application. Kernel-ML recognizing faces, natural language, artificial intelligence, games development, as well as there are various libraries that include computer vision techniques for processing. This library of user interaction with the device change all 3 will be there. The application features a couple of faces to get to know the service wants to increase security by allowing. The gaming industry, no doubt, you will experience some power in a real game. Kernel-ML, iPhone developers create highly interactive applications in the coming years.

3. Apple’s Swift programming language application development continuously improves its position in the market. Overall, Apple’s programming language of Mac OS and iOS will be compiled for TVOS. Apple introduced Swift 4 Swift is much more powerful. It will be easy to learn. 3 Swift 4 Swift is equipped with powerful and both has the ability to create robust and scalable applications. Due to this update, developers will be able to make faster apps iOS. This is done during application development without compromising security features. Applications developed with Swift 4 consumes less storage space. Swift 4 in 2018 will provide a much faster and more secure iOS applications.

4. An intelligent personal assistant, Siri remains a favorite among iOS device users. Since it emerged, the waves has produced. What we’re looking for as we continue to figure out what you’re talking about Siri continues to progress. Now, together with artificial intelligence, contextual learning, there is a pin messaging as well as GPS. Siri is, therefore, a task manager looks like. The app gives the user access to other mobile and much more. Master AI wants to be a huge trend in 2018.

5. There is a frame specially designed for Apple’s Apple’s home kit home automation. The idea is that smart devices in the home can communicate with each other. Before Siri can be used to guide. HomeKitz will Apple create applications with iPhone application development. The orders and gives you the ability to devices connected to it. These commands or is triggered by the addition. A central application at the same time, to rationalize the process of a full home automation system can be created. In the aftermath of Apple’s HomeKit wants to make sure to set the trends and 2018.

6. One of the main features of iOS 11 the administrative files, the file name given in the application. With this application users can manage different cloud applications in one place iOS.

The files application allows the user to manage applications in the cloud, you can easily create your own dashboard. Different places will not be required to manage. This trend, as well as a feature to iOS 11, iPhone may be the innovation of app developers. You can develop iPhone applications more robust. Experience a connection like iOS users will allow you to develop applications with various file.


Apple iOS will continue to trend, as new updates and features. Customer service will continue to be a problem because of. IOS with great features, developers want to create applications more intuitive and modern. If you want to create such an application, if you can hire iOS developer who understands these trends. And improve will help you develop better applications. At the same time, position to position in the market for application development will help.

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