How Make Findings and Fruit Dessert

How Make Findings and Fruit Dessert

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Ingredients for Bulgurlu and fruity dessert recipe;
Half cup of pilaf bulgur
1 cup light milk
1 pinch of salt
Half Tea Cup Light Cream
Half a cup of light yogurt
2 tablespoons powder sweetener
1 tablespoon shredded orange peel
2 cups of mixed forest fruit

Bulgurlu and fruit dessert How is it made?
Put the milk and salt in a pot and heat over medium heat. Wash with plenty of water and cook the water until the bulgur is filtered and softened with the lid closed. Take them from the stove and cool. Whipped cream, yogurt, grated orange peel and powder sweetener in a bowl. Add the bulgur and mix. Place half of the fruits in the bottom of the bowls. Share the bulgur mixture and add the fruits to the top. Serve.